Welcome to the New Website of Architectural Glass & Metals!

If you regularly visit our site, you’ve certainly noticed that it’s received a major facelift! We’ve added new graphics, more information about our services, and stretched the entire site across a wider, more modern design. Our main goal, during this process, was to properly showcase the work that we do. We wanted big, bold graphics that captured the big, bold building exteriors that we’ve worked on.

The largest change – and likely the most important – was a shift toward making the site 100% mobile responsive. Knowing that over half of all web traffic comes from smartphones, we wanted to ensure that all of our customers were able to reach our site. Whether you’re visiting us from a desktop PC, a tablet, or a cell phone, the site should now automatically resize itself based on your current viewing size.

In addition to this, we also restructured our menu. Putting all of the essential information at your fingertips, the new menu is designed with simplicity in mind. From our high-quality products to our attentive, timely services, you can now reach just about any page you need with a single click.

At Architectural Glass & Metals, we’re committed to helping our customers install the absolute best building enclosure products on the market. If you’ve been searching for a way to beautify your building’s exterior, contact us today to learn how we can help!