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Specialty building enclosure services from Architectural Glass and Metals

Architectural Glass and Metals offers a range of specialty services to assist architects, general contractors, building owners, and construction managers. Designed to solve a variety of building enclosure challenges, our services are rendered by a team that has been formally educated within the architectural and/or engineering discipline. We actively promote an integrated team approach by involving our manufacturing partners early on and can often facilitate a streamlined engineering response focused on providing timely, cost-effective solutions. With unparalleled product knowledge and installation expertise garnered over the last 50 years, we have the ability to solve most building enclosure challenges with confidence and ingenuity.

We offer the following services…

  • Budget Analysis
  • Daylight Analysis
  • Energy / Performance Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Design & Detail Assistance
  • Product Evaluation Assistance
  • Specification Assistance
  • Installation Techniques