Steelcase Work Lab

The Steelcase Work Lab project was developed around an extremely accelerated construction schedule requiring Architectural Glass and Metals to work closely with the CM, architect, and our metal panel supplier to custom fabricate 4mm composite aluminum panels from theoretical dimensions generated from the architectural design drawings and a small amount of guaranteed dimensions determined for the structural steel support framing. This project was inclusive of unique detailing that required the use of oversized ceiling and wall panels exceeding 16′-0” in length, as well as complex curved panels that were fabricated and shipped to the jobsite without the benefit of field measuring as required to meet schedule constraints.

Given the highly ornate nature of this project, in conjunction with the intended use as a “show piece” for Steelcase, attention to detail was paramount. Precise alignment of ¼” wide panel joints, seamless integration of cut-outs for louvers, light fixtures and control devices as well as exaggerated criterion for panel flatness, were among the many critical detail challenges successfully resolved by our panel fabrication and installation crews. The AGM installation team dedicated multiple 16 hour days to achieve accelerated schedule requirements and to successfully resolve many complex interface conditions as required to achieve the high level aesthetic expectations established by the ownership team. AGM successfully completed our portion of the project on time and on budget while maintaining quality standards consistent with the owner’s high expectations.

Project Details
Location: Grand Rapids
Completion Date: 2008
Products Used: Entrances, storefront, and metal panels
General Contractor Title: Progressive AE
Location Map